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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2015A cost-benefit analysis of dike heightening in the Mekong DeltaDan, Tong Yen
-A Course in Microeconomic TheoryKreps, David M
2016A critical analysis of the value chain in the rice industry and its effects on the export rice industry in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam.Van, Bach Ngoc; Cuong, Pham Hung; Nhan, Vo Hoang
7-Aug-2017A current perspective on antimicrobial resistance in Southeast AsiaZellweger, Raphael M.; Mas, Juan Carrique; Limmathurotsakul, Direk; Day, Nicholas P. J.; Thwaites, Guy E.; Baker, Stephen
2016A Decision Tree Analysis to Support Potential Climate Change Adaptations of Striped Catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus Sauvage) Farming in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.A., Nguyen L.; Verreth, J. A. J.; Leemans, H. B. J.; Others
2016A Delivery Model for Home Fortification of Complementary Foods with Micronutrient Powders: Innovation in the Context of Vietnamese Health System StrengtheningMarie, Nguyen; Poonawala, Alia; Leyvraz, Magali; Berger, Jacques; Others
2016A delivery model for home ortification of complementary foods with micronutrient powders: innovation in the context of vietnamese health system strengthening.Marie, Nguyen; Hoa, Do Thi Bao; Nga, Tran Thuy; Wieringa, Frank Tammo; Poonawala, Alia; Berger, Jacques; Van, Tran Khan; Leyvraz, Magali; Schofield, Dominic
2015A dengue outbreak on a floating village at Cat Ba Island in VietnamThanh, Le Viet; Choisy, Marc; Bryant, Juliet E.; Duoc, Vu Trong; Thai, Pham Quang; Others
19-Sep-2012A descriptive study of TB cases finding practices in the three largest public general hospitals in VietnamHoa, Nguyen Binh; Khanh, Pham Huyen; Hennig, Cornelia; Hanh, Chu Thi; Cuong, Le Xuan; Vu, Le Thuong; Lonnroth, Knut
Jun-2016A deterministic hydrological approach to estimate climate change impact on river flow: Vu Gia–Thu Bon catchment, Vietnam.Duong, Vo Ngoc; Gourbesville, Philippe; Raghavan, Srivatsan V.; Tue, Vu Minh; Liong., Shie-Yui
2017A final-year nursing student survey: rural attitudes, perceived competencies and intention to work across five Asian countries.Pudpong, Nareerut; Suphanchaimat, Rapeepong; Batra, Bipin; Hou, Jianlin; Others
2016A financial recovery plan for Vietnam Electricity (EVN): with implications for Vietnam’s power sector.Maweni, Joel J.; Bisbey, Jyoti
Mar-2012A firm analysis level of supporting industries in Hanoi city - Vietnam - application of resource-based view and industrial organizationTuan, Nham Phong; Mai, Nguyen Thi Tuyet
20-Feb-2012A General Equilibrium Model for Energy Policy Evaluation using GTAP-E for VietnamLong, Do Dinh; Kim, Suduk
-A global-to-local model approach to assess future land use dynamics: An application to Vietnam.Rutten, Martine; Van Rooij, Wilbert; Van Dijk, Michiel
2002A Guide for Experienced ProgrammersGARY CORNELL, JONATHAN MORRISON
Sep-2012A hydrometeorological flood forecasting system for the Red and Ca rivers (China, Laos and Vietnam): Part II – application and resultsL.A, Ngô; T.T, Hoàng; H.S, Nguyễn; M.C, Vũ; L.T, Đỗ; V.H, Võ; Silvio, Davolio; Drofa, O.; Ranzi, R.; Barontini, S.
2015A journey access tool to facilitate better health outcomes for people with disabilities.King, Julie; King, Mark; Edwards, Nicole
-A large-scale donor attempt to improve educational status of the poor and household income distribution: The experience of PEDC in VietnamA. Carr-Hill, Roy
-A Market Microstructure Approach to the Foreign Exchange Market in VietnamNguyen Tran, Phuc; Tho, Nguyen Duc