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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Investment ValuationAswath, Damodaran
-Investment Valuation - Tools and Techniques for Determining the Value of Any Asset-
-Invitro Toxicity Tesing - Vol43-
-Invitro Transcription and Translation - Vol37-
2017Involvement of NGOs in Training Teachers in Education for Sustainable Development in Vietnam: A Case StudyKieu, Thi Kinh; Singer, Jane
-Involvement of private sector in HIV/AIDS prevention in Vietnam – a public-private partnership (PPP) model: Increase access to STI services of the most at risk population (MARPS)Minh, Pham Duc; Thang, Nguyen Chien; Ton, Van der Velden; Bao, Le Ngoc; Anh, Mai Hoang
-Is a gender gap in net school enrollment a reflection of the gender wage gap in the labor market? Evidence using household data from Vietnam.Manh, Vu Tien
2016Is access to Agribank credit an effective tool in improving household income? evidence from the northern mountainous region of VietnamLuan, Do Xuan; Vu, Nguyen Thanh; Huong, Kieu Thi Thu; Hang, Duong Thi Thu; Bauer, Siegfried
Oct-2017Is electricity affordable and reliable for all in Vietnam?Ha, Duong Minh; Son, Nguyen Hoai
-Is Foreign Direct Investment Good for Growth? Evidence from Sectoral Analysis of China and VietnamTam, Vu Bang; Gangnes, Byron; Noy, Ilan
Apr-2015Is innovation activity persistent amongsmall rms in developing countries? Evidence from VietnamLong, Trinh
-Is Joint Liability A Good Enforcement Scheme for Achieving High Repayment Rates? Evidence from Framed Field Experiments in VietnamKono, Hisaki
-Is Nonfarm Diversification a Way Out of Poverty forRural Households? Evidence from Vietnam in 1993-2006Hung, Pham Thai; Tuan, Bui Anh; Dao, Le Thanh
Jul-2018Is there a demand for flood insurance in Vietnam? results from a choice experiment.Reynaud, Arnaud; Hung, Nguyen Manh; Aubert, Cécile
-Is Vietnam economic paradigm sustainable for catch upAnh, Nguyen Tu; Thuy, Nguyen Thu
27-Apr-2012Is Vietnam ready for nuclear power?Wang, Changjian; Wang, Qiang; Wang, Fei
2016ISO 9000 implementation and performance: empirical evidence from Vietnamese companies.Anh, Phan Chi; Hue, Nguyen Minh; Matsui, Yoshiki; Hoa, Luong Vu Mai
2015ISO 9001 standard: a necessary choice for universities to establish the internal quality assurance systemMinh, Nguyễn Duy
2015Isolation and in vitro anticancer activity of flavonoids from Tô Mộc (Caesalpinia sappan linn.)Sơn, Hoàng Lê; Linh, Nguyễn Lê Quốc; Minh, Trần Văn
2015Isolation, identification and evaluation of the antagonistic effect of trichoderma against fusarium in-vitroXuân, Lý Ngọc Thanh; Dung, Lương Thị Hoàng; Nga, Lâm Tiến; Khương, Nguyễn Quốc; Hùng, Ngô Ngọc