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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2009M&A Market in Vietnam's Transition EconomyHoang, Vuong Quan; Tri, Tran Dung; Ha, Nguyen Thi Chau
25-Oct-2006Ma trận lũy linhSơn, Hoàng Huy
-Machine Learning and Robot Perception - Bruno Apolloni-
-Machine Vision - David Vernon-
2001Macmillan encyclopedia of energyJohn Zumerchik
-Macroeconomics for Developing CountriesRaghbendra Jha
-Macroeconomics for ManagersMichael, K. Evans
-Macroeconomics of Monetary UnionMichael, Carlberg
-Macroeconomics, 7th editionN.Gregory Mankiw
2016Made in Vietnam by womenNewman, Suzie
Jul-2018Made in Vietnam: The effects of internal, collaborative, and regional knowledge sources of product innovation in Vietnamese firmsThuy, Phung T. M.; Vermeulen, Patrick A.M.; Dat, Tran Tho; Knoben, Joris
-Magill's encyclopedia of science plant lifeBryan D. Ness; Christina J. Moose
1998Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Food ScienceBRIAN, HILLS
2005Maillard Reactions in Chemistry, Food, and HealthT. P. Labuza
15-Aug-2017Main characteristics of Vietnam – China trade relations, 2000–15Binh, Ngo Xuan
-Mainstreamed Donor Policy Dialogue on Climate Change Risks in VietnamKnaepen, Hanne Louise
-Mainstreaming Grassroots Adaptation and Building Climate Resilient Agriculture in SAT Viet Nam.Ha, Pham Quang; The, Tran Van; Trinh, Mai Van; Son, Nguyen Hong; Cuong, Ho Huy; Bo, Nguyen Van; Singh, Naveen P.; Bantilan, MCS
Jul-2012Majority vs. minority migration: a comparison of characteristics from the Vietnam 2009 population and housing censusLam, Tran Quang
-Making Class and Gender: (Market) Socialist Enframing of Traders in Ho Chi Minh CityLeshkowich, Ann Marie
Jun-2015Making it count: integrating gender in climate change and disaster risk reduction.Coulier, Miguel; Konstantinidis, Dorothea