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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Object-Oriented Analysis and DesignMike O’Docherty
2007Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications Third EditionGrady Booch; Ivar Jacobson; James Rumbaugh
1998Object-Oriented Concepts for Database DesignMichael Blaha
30-Jun-2016Obstacles to Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities: A Case Study of Vietnamese ScholarsPhuong, Pho; Thi, Tran
30-Jun-2016Obstacles to Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities: A Case Study of Vietnamese ScholarsDzung, Pho Phuong; Phuong, Tran Thi Minh
Jun-2016Occurrence of emerging flame retardants from e-waste recycling activities in the northern part of Vietnam.Someya, Masayuki; Suzuki, Go; Lonas, Alin C.; Tue, Nguyen Minh; Xu, Fuchao; Matsukami, Hidenori; Covaci, Adrian; Tuyen, Le Huu; Viet, Pham Hung; Takahashi, Shin; Tanabe, Shinsuke
2006Odors In the Food IndustryXavier Nicolay
Nov-2015Of rice and men: land-use restrictions in Vietnam.Paper, Job Market; Kutzman, Daley
2007Office 2007 BibleJohn Walkenbach; Herb Tyson; Faithe Wempen; Cary N. Prague; Michael R. Groh; Peter G. Aitken; Michael R. Irwin; Gavin Powell; Lisa A. Bucki
2007Office 2007 FOR DUMmIESWallace Wang
2004Oil Extraction and AnalysisD.L. Luthria
2002Oils and Fats AuthenticationMICHAELJEE
2006Olive Oil Chemistry and TechnologyDimitrios Boskou
Apr-2015On the effects of formalization on taxes and wages: panel evidence from Vietnam.Boly, Amadou
-On the Impacts of ODA on FDI: Does Composition of FDI Matter? Evidence from Asean CountriesAnh, Tu Thuy; Mai, Vu Thi Phuong
2018On the short- and medium-term effects of formalisation: panel evidence from Vietnam.Boly, Amadou
31-Jul-2012On the sources of risk preferences in rural VietnamAnh, Dang Duc
20-Nov-2017On the sustainability of co-authoring behaviors in Vietnamese social sciences: A preliminary analysis of network data.Tung, Ho Manh; Kong, Nguyen T. Hong; Trang, Vuong Thu; Quan, Vuong Hoang
2002Ondeo-Nalco Fuel Field ManualKim B. Peyton
-Online Promotion and Its Influence on Destination Awareness and Loyalty in the Tourism IndustryLai, Wen-Hsiang; Vinh, Nguyen Quang