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Nhan đề: Structural transformation, growth, and inequality: Evidence from Viet Nam
Tác giả: Sarma, Vengadeshvaran
Paul, Saumik
Từ khoá: Viet Nam
Năm xuất bản: 2018
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Structural Transformation and Income Inequality in the Era of Globalization in Asia, ADB;pp. v- xii, 1 - 237
Tóm tắt: Economic development and growth entail large-scale structural transformation of economies (Hnatkovska and Lahiri 2014). Many Asian and African economies are now undergoing such large-scale structural transformation—typically from agriculture to manufacturing and service sectors. Such structural transformation inevitably entails reallocation of workers from the primary sector to the manufacturing and service sectors. One of the important questions arising from such structural transformation led growth is whether such growth helps the poor. On the one hand, growth may lift people out of poverty and therefore improve living standards for everyone. On the other hand, growth may increase income inequality by benefitting the rich more than the poor. There is no consensus in the literature on whether structural transformation led growth achieves the twin goals of improving welfare for the poor and decreasing income inequality.... --- In this chapter, we examine how structural transformation through growth contributes to income inequality. In particular, we address the following research questions: (i) Does economic growth affect income inequality? (ii) Is change in income inequality explained by sectoral participation within the income distribution?... -- Overall, our results indicate the need for the state to work towards improving the distribution of growth dividends across the income distribution. There is also some evidence that the poor may be concentrated in interior Viet Nam, away from the coastal regions and industrial zones—engaging in smallholder farming. Government policies may be required to ensure access to non-farm activities for such workers. Without adequate measures to address the widening income inequality, sustained growth may accelerate income inequality along geographical, and perhaps ethnic lines...
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