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Nhan đề: Can trust be verified? Managing 5G risk in Southeast Asia.
Tác giả: Emmerson, Donald K.
Từ khoá: 5th generation wireless system (5G)
Năm xuất bản: 2019
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Nanyang Technological University RSIS Commentaries No. 092;pp. 1 - 5
Tóm tắt: Nothing can fully protect a country from secret malfeasance involving the company it hires to provide and maintain its 5th generation wireless system (5G). But certain steps can lessen the risk. One is to learn how secure the firm’s technology is; another is to estimate the chance that the laws and institutions in the firm’s home country will prevent the government there from accessing the firm’s data and algorithms without the user country’s permission. --- History will also matter. Vietnam recently observed the 40th anniversary of its 1979 invasion by China and the brief war that followed. Unsurprising in that context, Vietnam has granted its first 5G licence to a homegrown firm, Viettel, and is reportedly open to working with two Scandinavia-based multinationals—Nokia in Finland and Ericsson in Sweden... --- Vietnamese officials may not have looked up the World Justice Project’s 2019 Rule of Law Index of Constraints on Government Powers. It ranks 126 countries by the extent to which the government in each one is held accountable within an effective framework of law that limits its power. Finland and Sweden are respectively 3rd and 4th. The UK is 11th. China is 119th.
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