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Nhan đề: Linux Bible 2005 Edition
Tác giả: Christopher Negus
Từ khoá: phần mềm
phan mem
hệ điều hành Linux
Linux Bible 2005
he dieu hanh linux
hệ điều hành mã nguỗn mở
he dieu hanh ma nguon mo
Năm xuất bản: 2005
Tóm tắt: Detailed installation instructions and step-by-step descriptions of key desktop and server components help new users get up and running immediately * Descriptions of the various distributions from people in the Linux community help users zero in on the best Linux for their needs * The perfect migration guide for Windows and Macintosh desktop users who want to switch to Linux, as well as for systems administrators who want to set up secure, fully functioning server systems * Covers Linux embedded systems, firewalls, and routers plus desktops and servers * Includes Fedora Core 3, Debian Linux, SUSE Linux, Knoppix, Gentoo Linux, Slackware Linux, Mandrake Linux, Damn Small Linux, and a Linux firewall and router on DVD
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