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Nhan đề: Linux For Dummies, 6th Edition (2005)
Tác giả: Dee-Ann LeBlanc
Từ khoá: phần mềm
phan mem
lập trình
lap trinh
mã nguồn mở
ma nguon mo
hệ điều hành mã nguồn mở
he dieu hanh ma nguon mo
hệ điều hành linux
he dieu hanh linux
Năm xuất bản: 2005
Tóm tắt: Previous editions of Linux For Dummies have garnered rave reviews. However, there’s one scary term applied to them—outdated! The 6th Edition remedies that with easy-to-understand information on the latest version of the most popular Linux distributions, including Fedora Core, SuSE, Mandrake, Xandros, Linspire, and Knoppix. This guide walks you though installing, configuring, tuning, and using each version of Linux, the low-cost, secure alternative to expensive operating systems. You’ll discover how to: Prep your computer for Linux Boot and stop Linux Connect to the Internet, e-mail, surf the Web, and access and use cool Internet tools Manage files and directories Do word processing and more with Open Updated material includes: Info on the wireless Internet connection Coverage of the new SELinux infrastructure, an important new security feature Updated GNOME and KDE coverage Written by Dee-Ann LeBlanc, award-winning author of numerous books and articles and author or coauthor of the popular previous editions of Linux For Dummies, this edition not only guides you step by step, it also includes an appendix of common Linux commands and a comprehensive index so you can find what you need to know without taking extra steps. The bonus DVD includes: The full, installable version of Fedora Core 3 and Knoppix ISO images (that will save hours of downloading time) for SUSE live, Mandrake full version, Xandros Open Circulation version, and Linspire full version If you want to explore the different distributions of Linux, this is the guide for you!
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