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Nhan đề: Risk management for Rice value chain to adapt with climate change in the Mekong river delta, Vietnam
Tác giả: Tung, Hoang Thanh
Higano, Yoshiro
Từ khoá: Rice
Value chain
Climate change
Risk management
The Mekong river delta
Việt Nam
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Paper prepared for the 48th Japan Section of the Regional Science Association International (JSRSAI), Wakayama, Japan, 8-10 October 2011;
Tóm tắt: Rice is the most important crop in Vietnam. It is the livelihood of well over 50% populationcontributing around $ 1.5 billion in export revenue annually. Rice production, however, has to face increasingly difficulties due to potential impacts of climate change especially in the Mekong river delta and the red river delta whereover 70% rice was produced. If the mean sea level rises 0.69 m asforecasted by IPCC, 91% Mekong river delta will besubmerged that will adversely affect the rice production. Therefore, introducing a risk management system to mitigate the potential loss caused by climate change is extremely necessary. This paper research aims to find out the way to mobilize community resources for risk management emphasizing the cooperation of community and state tosupport rice production adapt to climate change. Furthermore, mechanism for sharing risk and value among stakeholders engaging to rice value chain and ensuring equality in allocating value and risk throughout value chainwill be established.
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