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Nhan đề: Kaizen for Managerial Skills Improvement in Small and Medium Enterprises: An Impact Evaluation Study in a knitwear cluster in Vietnam
Tác giả: Sonobe, Tetsushi
Suzuki, Aya
Otsuka, Keijiro
Nam, Vu Hoang
Từ khoá: Kaizen
Managerial skills
Small and medium enterprises
Knitwear cluster
Industrial development
Viet Nam
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Depocen Working Paper Series;No. 2012/29, September, 2011
Tóm tắt: This paper presents the preliminary results of our ongoing study of such a corrective policy intervention in cluster-based industrial development. At the center of this study is a fieldexperiment that we are conducting in a knitwear cluster in Ha Noi (previously Ha Tay) and a rolled steal cluster in Bac Ninh in Vietnam. In these clusters, we conducted baseline surveys of firms from April to July 2010 and then provided classroom training programs for entrepreneurs in June to August of the same year. The evaluation of the training impacts is expected to reveal whether entrepreneurs in clusters possess basic knowledge of management before the training, what characterizes the entrepreneurs who are more willing and able to absorb new knowledge, whether the training can change entrepreneurs’ attitudes toward learningmanagement knowledge, how much entrepreneurs can learn from a short-period training program, and whether the benefit of the training program exceeds its cost, among others. -- This paper is based on the firm data collected through the baseline survey and the first post-training survey we conducted in La Phu from September to November 2010. The consistency of our findings across these study sites is striking. Although we do not have post-training data on business performance, which is too early to measure, the classroom training hasalready improved the management practices of a number of the training participants. The effects of the training are affected by the quality of the instructors and their preparation including their preliminary knowledge of the business activities of the participants. The training was provided to entrepreneurs free of charge. At the baseline survey and the post-training survey, we asked if they were willing to pay about 3 million VND to participate in classroom training for three weeks. At every study site, the participants became much more willing to pay after the training than before, and even the nonparticipants (who were either randomized-out entrepreneurs or those who had been invited but did not participate) became more willing to pay.
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