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Nhan đề: Land cover analysis in Germany and Vietnam with a combination of remote sensing, landscape metrics and social research
Tác giả: Matusch, Tobias
Từ khoá: Land
Remote sensing
Land cover classification
Việt Nam
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Paper prepared for the International Symposium on Geoinformatics for Spatial Infrastructure Development in Earth and Allied Sciences 2010;
Tóm tắt: This paper presents two separate projects. The first, which expired in 2009, included the land cover classification of the biosphere reserve Schorfheide-Chorin (Germany), and the other project has just been launched, containing a land cover analysis of the biosphere reserve Mittelelbe (Germany) and the national park Bach Ma (Vietnam). Due to this separation, the investigation areas and methods of the current project are described with a closing summary of the findings of the Schorfheide-Chorin project. The key feature in both projects is the connection ofremote sensing and further GIS analysis using landscape metrics with qualitative social research. Caused by isolated projects, unadjusted methods or more than broad results, in fact, often valuable projects are not effective and fail to reach useful aims. The project from 2009 shows, that remote sensing with Landsat images is suitable for monitoring protected areas at a regional level and to depict land coverchanges, e.g., measures concerning forest conversion or urban renewal. Hence, the triangulation of methods and data is the most important goal for this monitoring approach.
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