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Nhan đề: Building sustained capacity to use geospatial data effectively for conservation in Lao PDR and Vietnam
Tác giả: Hanh, Le Minh
Canh, Le Xuan
Quynh, Ha Quy
Horning, Ned
Từ khoá: Geospatial
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Paper prepared for the GeoInformatics for Spatial-Infrastructure Development in Earth and Allied Sciences (GIS-IDEAS);9-11 December 2010
Tóm tắt: This paper introduces a training center which aims to strengthen and ensure the long-term capacity to provide geospatial training and data access support for biodiversity conservation in Vietnam and Lao PDR using expertise available in the region. This is being accomplished by establishing two training and data centers; one in Vietnam and one in Laos, to provide services to support the geospatial needs for biodiversity conservation such as managing protected areas. Two components required for effective conservation monitoring and management are a well-trained workforce and access to data. In recent years there has been a growth of well-trained geospatial experts in Vietnam and Lao PDR capable of training conservation practitioners in geospatial techniques required for effective conservation monitoring and management. Unfortunately, these trainers, from many different organizations, do not have access to appropriate materials such as data, and training modules necessary for effective training. The center will: 1) create opportunities so local geospatial experts can contribute their skills for training and provide data services to conservation projects throughout the region; 2) provide services to assist projects to access data in a format that is appropriate for the intended use; 3) provide instruction manuals and/or software so projects can access and process data on their own. The regional conservation community will benefit from a facility that supports the collection and distribution of data and maintains an archive of the most accurate set of base data. The production of and access to metadata and appropriate licensing of data will be encouraged to improve data access as well.
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