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Nhan đề: Ethnic wage inequality in Vietnam: Empirical Evidence from 2002
Tác giả: Hung, Pham Thai
Reilly, Barry
Từ khoá: Wage inequality
Ethnic minority
Quantile regr ession
Việt Nam
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Asia Monitor: South East Asia Monitor;Volume 20, Issue 9, Sep 2009
Tóm tắt: Purpose – This paper complements earlier studies on ethnic minority underdevelopment in Vietnam by empirically examining the ethnic wage gap in the Vietnamese labour market, using data froma large-scale household surveyconducted in 2002. Methodology – The paper uses the ‘index number ’ decomposition method suggested by Oaxaca (1973) to decompose the ethnic wage gap into treatment and endowment effects at both the meanandat selected quantiles of the conditional wage distribution. Findings – The results confirm the existence of an ethnic wage gap in the labour market, through this gap is found to be substantially narrower than the ethnic gap observed using household living standard measures for Vietnam. Decomposition r esults reveal that the ethnic wage gap is largely attributable to differ entials in the r eturns to endowments, a finding invariant to whether the mean or selected quantiles of the conditional wage distribution is examined. Limitations – In the absence of superior alternatives, the paper uses an ad hoc procedur e to correct for selectivity into wage employment for the quantile r egr ession models. In addition, due to data constraints in r egard to earnings, the paper does not examine the ethnic wage gap for the self-employed. Originality – This paper is the first to analyse the ethnic wage gap in the Vietnam labour market and one of the few to examine ethnic pay differ entials at selected points of the conditional wage distribution using quantile regression analysis
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