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Nhan đề: Perceptions of Mental Health and Help-Seeking Behavior in an Urban Community in Vietnam: An Explorative Study
Tác giả: Van der Ham, Lia
Wright, Pamela
Thang, Vo Van
Doan, Vuong D. K.
Broerse, Jacqueline E. W.
Từ khoá: Mental health
Mental illness
Help-seeking behavior
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Community Mental Health Journal October 2011;Volume 47, Issue 5, Page 574-582
Tóm tắt: This explorative study assesses perceptions of mental health and help-seeking behavior among adults in Vietnam. Methods included questionnaires (200) and focus group discussions (eight). Respondents were often unable to name specific mental illnesses. Frequently mentioned symptoms of mental illness were talking nonsense, talking/laughing alone and wandering. Pressure/stress and studying/thinking too much were often identified causes. Most respondents showed a preference for medical treatment options, often in combination with family care. The results show that perceptions of mental health and help-seeking behaviour are influenced by a lack of knowledge and a mix of traditional and modern views.
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