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Nhan đề: Factors associated with physical growth of childrenduring the first two years of life in rural and urban areas of Vietnam.
Tác giả: Thu, Nguyen Huong
Eriksson, Bo
Petzold, Max
Bondjers, Göran
Toan, Tran Khanh
Liem, Nguyen Thanh
Ascher, Henry
Từ khoá: Growth of children
Antenatal care
Reported illness
Rural and urban area
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: BMC Pediatrics;Page 1-10
Tóm tắt: -- Background: Differences between urban and rural settings can be seen as a very important example ofgaps between groups in a population. The aim of this paper is to compare an urban and a rural area regarding child growth during the first two years of life as related to mother’s use of antenatal care (ANC), breastfeeding and reported symptoms of illness. -- Methods: The studies were conducted in two Health and Demographic Surveillance Sites, one rural andone urban in Hanoi, Vietnam. -- Results: We found that children in the urban area grow faster than those in the rural area. There were statistical associations between growth and the education of the mother as well as household resources. There werepositive correlations between the number of ANC visits and child growth. We also saw a positive association between growth and early initiation (first hour of life) ofbreastfeeding but the reported duration of exclusive breastfeeding was not statistically significantly related to growth. Reporting symptoms of illness was negatively correlated to growth, i.e. morbidity is hampering growth. 45 -- Conclusions: All predictors of growth discussed in this article, ANC, breastfeeding and illness, are associated with social and economic conditions. To improve andmaintain good conditions for child growth it is important to strengthen education of mothers and household resources particularly in the rural areas. Globalizationand urbanization means obvious risks for increasing gaps not least between urban and rural areas. Improvement of the quality of programs for antenatal care, breastfeeding and integrated management of childhood illness are also needed in Vietnam.
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