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Nhan đề: Availability and Accessibility of HIV Counseling and Testing Services for Pregnant Women in Hanoi, Vietnam
Tác giả: Thu, Nguyen Anh
Oosterhoff, Pauline
Hardon, Anita
Yen, Pham Ngoc
Hien, Nguyen Tran
Coutinho, Roel A.
Wright, Pamela
Từ khoá: HIV testing
Pregnant women
Reproductive health
Việt Nam
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Asian journal of social medicine;Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 1-11, 2009
Tóm tắt: In Hanoi, Vietnam, HIV counseling and testing is available but apparently still many HIV-positive women were either not detected or were identified too late for optimal PMTCT intervention. The study looked at how easily pregnant women could find out about and use HIV counseling and testing and whether their reproductive health-seeking behavior offers opportunities to ensure PMTCT choices. Data from a household survey among 670 randomly selected women who had given birth in the last year were combined with results of semi-structured interviews with 53 health staff and observations in health facilities. HIV counseling and testing for pregnant women is widely available in Hanoi, except at commune level where many peri-urban women go for ANC and delivery. Among the women interviewed, 85% reported having been tested; 65% of the tests were provider-initiated. Accessibility of counseling and testing as a basis for PMTCT choices would be greatly affected by the current late timing of the testing and the poor quantity and quality of counseling. Women’s reproductive health care behavior suggested opportunities for interventions; more than 80% of them sought ANC in the first trimester and made more than three ANC visits. Most health care workers and 76% of women interviewed thought that all pregnant women should be tested for HIV. The main limitations to effective PMTCT for pregnant women were that HIV testing is not available at commune level or is offered too late in gestation and without adequate counseling
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