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Nhan đề: Deposit insurance of Vietnam promotes the public objectives of deposit insurance policy : Bảo hiểm tiền gửi Việt Nam phát huy thuộc tính công của chính sách bảo hiểm tiền gửi
Tác giả: Oanh, Nguyễn Thị Kim
Phong, Vũ Việt
Từ khoá: Deposit insurance
Viet Nam
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: "Đóng góp của khoa học xã hội và nhân văn trong phát triển kinh tế xã hội" 2011;2015
Tóm tắt: The lately global financial crisis (2008-2010) has affected the economies of many countries around the world. To overcome this difficult period, many solutions have been applied over the world, including the selection of deposit insurance policy is considered one of the tools to contribute effectively to mitigate of the crisis on the economy in general and banking in particular. Coming from one of the purposes of deposit insurance activities is to contribute to ensuring stability and security of the national financial system, the beneficiary is the society that the activities of deposit insurance provide socialize services. Public objectives of the deposit insurance activities for each country depending on the time making its different decisions, but overall progress has three main target groups: (i) contribution to stabilizing the financial system, (ii) protection of people with small deposits amount, (iii) The other objectives such as promoting healthy competition in the financial sector, reducing the impact of economic recession, economic growth, innovation and reforming to meet the stable financial system maintenance. Deposit insurance policy in Vietnam, has first been established (2000,) does not work outside the above objectives. This is evident in the Decree of the Government on the deposit insurance policy, "Deposit Insurance of Vietnam is a State financial institution, protects the lawful rights and interests of depositors, contributes to maintaining stability of institutions participating in deposit insurance and the development of safe, soundness banking operations”. The policy objectives of the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (DIV) have been developed and have achieved certain results. So far, the DIV has made refunds to depositors at 37 People's Credit Funds crashed, totaling over 18 billion VND, made financial assistances to pilot the People's Credit Funds who encountered temporary constraints on affordability, conducted inspection and supervision of insured institutions, ... The operations of DIV have contributed to the policy gradually coming to life, and strengthening public confidence in the banking system, promoting social stability, preventing wrinkles broken lines (domino) in the banking system, and enabling fair competition among banking actors. However, along with the development of the country and the economy, the successful implementation of the objectives initially set out to be strengthened and expanded further especially after the lessons drawn from the last economic crisis in improving the position and role of the insurance policy. Some problems in the deposit insurance policy in Vietnam as the financial capacity of the deposit insurance institutions, insurance coverage limits, conversion premium based on risk or receiving proposals and credit institutions handle the bank is broken, ... should be continue to develop interests by the experts, policy makers to deposit insurance activities in Vietnam more in-depth and more effective.
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ISSN: 0866-8612
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