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Nhan đề: Employment, Earnings and Social Protection for Female Workers in Vietnam's Informal Sector
Tác giả: Duy Loi, Nguyen
Giang, Nguyen Binh
Ha, Tran Thi
Le, Le Thi Minh
Ngan, Nguyen Dinh
Từ khoá: Employment
Social Protection
Viet Nam
Female Worker
Năm xuất bản: Apr-2014
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: No. 84;pp. 1 - 75
Tóm tắt: This research thus aims to analyse the employment, earnings, and state of social protection in the informal sector in Vietnam. The concept of social protection, which refers to both basic and economic securities, is broad. It includes a network of methods to actively protect individuals, families, and communities against risks. In this research, social protection includes measures such as social allowance, insurance (health insurance, unemployment insurance and social insurance), social welfare, and social security. This project tries to investigate and identify what causes social insecurities among female workers in the informal sector in Vietnam; what the principal needs for social protection of female workers are; and how to address these principal needs so as to upgrade the quality of this target group's social protection.
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