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Nhan đề: Adapting to natural disasters and contributing to climate change mitigation: mangrove community forestry in Vietnam
Tác giả: Sen, Le Thi Hoa
Suzuki, Regan
Thomsen, Morten Fauerby
Từ khoá: Disasters
Climate change
Community forestry
Năm xuất bản: 2012
Tóm tắt: Da Loc Commune in Thanh Hoa Province in northern Vietnam is vulnerable to increasing extremeweather events. The damage caused by Typhoon Damrey in 2005was a pivotal moment for the commune, leading to mangrove reforestation initiatives for disaster risk management. Involving local communities as directpartners led to this project’s success compared to earlier less participatory initiatives. In the time required for the mangroves to reach maturity, a number of secondary benefits have emerged. In addition to the income benefits from enhanced aquaculture, mangroves also serve as powerful carbon sinks. Thus, while originally designed as an adaptation measure, the project has strong mitigation benefits.
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