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Nhan đề: Quality Practices of Anatomic Pathology Labs in Vietnam
Tác giả: Ha, Nguyen L.
Nghia, Nguyen
Lewis, Hassell
Từ khoá: Vietnam
Pathology labs
Năm xuất bản: Apr-2016
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Improving Global Health;pp. 22 - 25
Tóm tắt: Vietnam's economic growth has rapidly increased over the past couple of decades. Thanks to positive changes in international diplomatic relations, medicine in general has benefited from meaningful foreign aid, investment, and cooperation. Along with that, education and self-awareness about health and diseases are expanding in the larger population, which is a promising sign. In Vietnam, however, pathology has remained a mysterious medical field, due to inadequate recognition and support. In 2014, we conducted an inspection trip to 16 anatomic pathology labs from northern to southern Vietnam to investigate the current state of the quality practices, and identify the key issues and opportunities for possible solutions.
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