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Nhan đề: Pig and maize value chains in northwest Vietnam: Trends and opportunities for smallholders
Tác giả: Karimov, Aziz A.
Thinh, Nguyen Thi
Cadilhon, Jean-Joseph
Từ khoá: Pig
Value chains
Northwest Vietnam
Năm xuất bản: Mar-2016
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: ILRI research brief;Volume 62, page 1-4
Tóm tắt: Rising incomes, urbanization and economic growth have led to dramatic increases in demand for meat products, particularly pork, in Vietnam. Better-off consumers have in turn begun looking for higher quality pork, increasingly lean meat. Nevertheless, pork found in the market remains questionable in terms of quality and origin. --- Pig production plays a key role in smallholder farming systems in northwest Vietnam. Pork is a major source of animal protein for rural populations, and in recent years, pig rearing has become an important livelihood strategy, generating crucial cash income. Nonetheless the pig sector has become more commercialized over the years and this has boosted dependency on maize production (Figure 1), a major ingredient of animal feed. While increased demand for pork has put pressure on the feed industry to supply the livestock sector, it is also a good opportunity for maize producers. --- The processing companies supplying feed to pig producers are highly dependent on maize availability. Local maize from the north-western province of Son La has a good reputation in comparison to what feed processors see as a lower quality Chinese alternative. Intensification of maize production in the uplands has led to increased commercialization on more land. However, most provincial maize producers are still small-scale farmers engaged in mono-cropping. Maize is grown on the mountainous sloping and degraded lands; maize growers are highly exposed to environmental shocks. --- The prevailing agricultural support system prioritizes rice farmers, while other crop and particularly livestock producers face difficulty in accessing much needed assistance. This research brief provides some insights into the pork and maize value chains in northwest Vietnam, highlighting the collaboration taking place between business partners in response to the lack of public support services for pig and maize production, processing and marketing
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