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Nhan đề: Supporting evidence-based national cancer control planning: the Asia-Pacific Phase II leadership forum
Tác giả: Singh, Tulika
Pearlman, Paul C.
Kostelecky, Brenda
Từ khoá: Health care quality
Public health
Health planning
Socioeconomic factors
Năm xuất bản: Jun-2017
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Journal of Cancer Policy;Volume 12, Page 75-78
Tóm tắt: The steady increase in cancer incidence and mortality in the Asia-Pacific presents a growing challenge to countries in the region. National cancer control planning provides key strategies for countries to decrease their cancer burden and address risk factors in the context of their populations and health systems. Evidence-guided approaches allow countries to target resources towards highly-needed and effective cancer programs, while partnerships can serve to diversify sources of support, increase coverage and sustain services. Many countries struggle to develop and implement national cancer control plans (NCCPs) due to barriers in coordinating diverse stakeholders, limited funding and absence of evidence to guide program and health infrastructure improvements. The Cancer Control Leadership Forum (CCLF) program aims to address critical hurdles in cancer control planning by: (1) convening cancer control leaders from diverse sectors; (2) raising awareness and capacity of participating country representatives to develop and implement NCCPs; (3) facilitating development of country action-plans; and (4) providing technical assistance. Two years after participating in their first CCLF, eight countries from Southeast Asia and the Pacific, represented by multiple cancer control leaders from each country, participated in an Asia-Pacific Leadership Forum Phase II (APLF2) in 2016. The APLF2 facilitated valuable experience-exchange amongst regional and international experts, and explored areas of common interest, including: improving cancer registries, strengthening training, coordinating stakeholders, maximizing resources and overcoming implementation challenges. These priorities guide on-going cancer control efforts and serve to inform the international community of trends, needs and challenges in cancer control in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.
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