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dc.contributor.authorKrakauer, Eric L.-
dc.contributor.authorThinh, Dang Huy Quoc-
dc.contributor.authorKhanh, Quach Thanh-
dc.contributor.authorHuyen, Hoang Thi Mong-
dc.description.abstractPalliative care began in Vietnam in 2001, but steady growth in palliative care services and education commenced several years later when partnerships for ongoing training and technical assistance by committed experts were created with the Ministry of Health, major public hospitals, and medical universities. An empirical analysis of palliative care need by the Ministry of Health in 2006 was followed by national palliative care clinical guidelines, initiation of clinical training for physicians and nurses, and revision of opioid prescribing regulations. As advanced and specialist training programs in palliative care became available, graduates of these programs began helping to establish palliative care services in their hospitals. However, community-based palliative care is not covered by government health insurance and thus is almost completely unavailable. Work is underway to test the hypothesis that insurance coverage of palliative home care not only can improve patient outcomes but also provide financial risk protection for patients' families and reduce costs for the health care system by decreasing hospital admissions near the end of life. A national palliative care policy and strategic plan are needed to maintain progress toward universally accessible cost-effective palliative care
dc.relation.ispartofseriesJournal of Pain and Symptom Management;Volume 55, Issue 2, Page: S92–S95-
dc.subjectGlobal healthvi
dc.subjectPalliative carevi
dc.titlePalliative care in Vietnam: long-term partnerships yield increasing accessvi
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