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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Participatory prioritization of climate-smart agriculture techniques: Case study of processes and outcomes from the Tra Hat Climate-Smart Village in Vietnam.Phong, Ngo Dang; Duong, Le Minh; Duyen, Tran Nhat Lam; Others
2019Contribution of forest to rural households’ livelihood: evidences from Da river basin in the northwest mountainous region of Vietnam.Chu, Tran Van; Thoai, Trinh Quang; An, Cao Quoc; Toai, Pham Minh; Others
2019Characterising residual malaria transmission in forested areas with low coverage of core vector control in central Viet NamEdwards, Hannah Margaret; Chinh, Vu Duc; Duy, Bui Le; Thanh, Pham Vinh; Others
2019Responding to adverse patient safety events in Viet NamHarrison, Reema; Sharma, Anurag; Walton, Merrilyn; Esguerra, Esmond; Others
2019The cost of implementing Vietnam’s national plan of action for nutrition for 2017–2020Minh, Hoang Van; Mai, Vu Quynh; Anh, Tran Tuan; Duyen, Nguyen Thuy; Others
2019Establishing activity centers for elderly people in metropolitan areas of Vietnam: Preference and willingness-to-pay.Thu, Nguyen Thi Hoai; Xuan, Nguyen Thanh; Thang, Pham; Cuong, Nguyen Tat; Others
2019Health preferences and culturally appropriate strategies to reduce bear bile demand in Northern Vietnam.Randolph, Shannon; Zhang, Laura; Lena, Tran; Mai, Nguyen; Others
2019Rainwater for drinking in Vietnam: Barriers and strategiesThuy, Bui Thi; Dung, Dao Anh; Han, Mooyong; Canh, Nguyen Duc; Others
2019Modeling ENSO impact on rice production in the Mekong River DeltaYen, Bui Tan; Quyen, Nguyen Huu; Duong, Trinh Hoang; Kham, Duong Van; Others
2019Veterinary drug shops as main sources of supply and advice on antimicrobials for animal use in the Mekong Delta of VietnamPhu, Doan Hoang; Giao, Vu Thi Quynh; Bao, Truong Dinh; Cuong, Nguyen Van; Others