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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Apr-2018Comparative epidemiology of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5N1 and H5N6 in Vietnamese live bird markets: spatio-temporal patterns of distribution and risk factors.Mellor, Kate C.; Meyer, Anne; Stevens1, Kim B.; Elkholly, Doaa A.; Pfeiffer, Dirk U.; Vergne, Timothée; Newman, Scott H.; Gilbert, Marius; Fournié, Guillaume; Padungtod, Pawin; Inui, Ken; Long, Pham T.
1-Mar-2018The effects of socioecological factors on variation of communicable diseases: A multiple-disease study at the national scale of Vietnam.Dung, Phung; Huong, Nguyen Xuan; Dai, Tran Quang; Lien, Nguyen Thi Huong; Cordia, Chu; Cuong, Do Manh; Anh, Luong Mai
Jan-2018Development of nutrient cycle through agricultural activities of a rural area in the North of VietnamNga, Do Thu; Thao, Ta Thi; Tu, Vu Van; Hung, Nguyen Viet; Phuc, Pham Duc
2018Breast cancer services in Vietnam: A scoping reviewJenkins, Chris; Minh, Luu Ngoc; Murray, Liam J.
21-Mar-2018Antibiotic resistance: Implications of hospital practices for public health: A study from Hanoi, VietnamLien, La Thi Quynh
2018Acceptance and perceptions of generic substitution among pharmacists: A preliminary study in Vietnam.Vinh, Tran Quang; Dang, Nguyen Thoai; Nhi Hoang Yen Ngo, Ngo Hoang Yen; Tram Thi Huyen Nguyen, Nguyen Thi Huyen; Quang, Vo Trung
2018Integrating HIV/AIDS in vietnam's social health insurance scheme: Experience and lessons from the health finance and governance project, 2014–2017.Todini, Nazzareno; Hammett, Theodore M.; Fryatt, Robert
2018Antibiotic residue in environmental water in vietnamHarada, Kazuo
27-Feb-2018Dynamics of spatial inequality and poverty:Evidence from two decades of surveys in vietnam, 1993-2014.Yamada, Takahiro
25-Mar-2018Decision-making for systemic water risks: Insights from a participatory risk assessment process in Vietnam.Wyrwoll, Paul R.; Grafton, R. Quentin; Daniell, Katherine A.; Long, Chu Hoang; Ringler, Claudia; Lien, Le Thi Ha; Khoi, Dang Kim; Nam, Do Thang; Tuan, Nguyen Do Anh