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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Food system policy baseline assessment: Report from VietnamMai, Pham Thi Huong; Tuyen, Huynh Thi Thanh; Thanh, Duong Thi; Others
2018Factors associated with the regularity of physical exercises as a means of improving the public health system in VietnamQuan, Vuong Hoang; Duc, Hoang Anh; Trang, Vuong Thu; Phuong, La Viet; Kong, Nguyen T. Hong; Tung, Ho Manh
2018Đói nghèo và sự thay đổi qua các thế hệ: Một số kết quả ban đầu từ khảo sát CTNC "Những cuộc đời trẻ thơ" năm 2016 (vòng 5) tại Việt NamBenny, Liza; Duc, Le Thuc; Hang, Nguyen Thi Thu
2018Customers’ knowledge, attitude, and practices towards food hygiene and safety standards of handlers in food facilities in Hanoi, VietnamAnh, Nguyen Le Tuan; Bach, Tran Xuan; Huong, Le Thi; Xuan, Le Thi Thanh; Others
2018Viet Nam: The dragon that rose from the ashesTarp, Finn
2018English on cigarette packs from six non-Anglophone low- and middle-income countriesSmith, Katherine Clegg; Welding, K.; Kleb, C.; Washington, C.; Cohen, J.
2018Are there long-term benefits from early childhood education in low- and middle-Income countries?Shafiq, M. Najeeb; Devercelli, Amanda; Valerio, Alexandria
2018Exploring differences in rural household debt between Thailand and Vietnam: Economic environment versus household characteristicsH., Waibel; B.B., Chichaibelu
2018Improving health equity for ethnic minority women in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam: qualitative results from an mHealth intervention targeting maternal and infant health service accessMcBride, B.; O'Neil, J. D.; Hue, T. T.; Eni, R.; Others
2018Sharing public health data and information across borders: lessons from Southeast AsiaLiverani, Marco; Teng, Srey; Sat, Le Minh; Coker, Richard