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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The impact of oil price on the growth, inflation, unemployment and budget deficit of Vietnam.Trang, Nguyen Thi Ngoc; Tho, Tran Ngoc; Hong, Dinh Thi Thu
2011Multivariate cointegration and causality between electricity consumption, economic growth, foreign direct investment and exports: recent evidence from Vietnam.Tuyen, Nguyen Ngoc; Wongsurawat, Winai
2017‘I do want to ask, but I can’t speak’: a qualitative study of ethnic minority women’s experiences of communicating with primary health care professionals in remote, rural Vietnam.McKinn, Shannon; Linh, Duong Thuy; Foster, Kirsty; McCaffery, Kirsten
Nov-2017Vietnamese state-owned enterprises under international economic integration.Mai, FUJITA
Jun-2017Leadership in the transition from a socialist to a market economy: multi-stakeholder perceptions of business leadership in VietnamDong, Tran Mai; Fallon, Wayne; Vickers, Margaret H
3-Nov-2017Processes in informal end processing of e‑waste generated from personal computers in VietnamDuc, Tran Chung; Salhofer, Stefan Petrus
6-Nov-2017Assessing the impacts of deeper trade reform in Vietnam in a general equilibrium frameworkThu, To Minh; Lee, Hiro
2017Young lives school surveys 2016–17: The design and development of transferable skills tests in India and VietnamIyer, Padmini; Azubuike, Obiageri Bridget
Nov-2017Social forestry - why and for whom? A comparison of policies in Vietnam and IndonesiaMoeliono, Moira; Thuy, Pham Thu; Bong, Indah Waty; Wong, Grace Yee; Brockhaus, Maria
20-Nov-2017On the sustainability of co-authoring behaviors in Vietnamese social sciences: A preliminary analysis of network data.Tung, Ho Manh; Kong, Nguyen T. Hong; Trang, Vuong Thu; Quan, Vuong Hoang