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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Characteristics and influencing factors of China-ASEAN trade networkWenhao, Qin; Peng, Li
2019Technology adoption and the middle income trap: Lessons from the Middle East and East Asia.Arezki, Rabah; Fan, Rachel Yuting; Ha, Nguyen
2019Internationalization of higher education in the autonomy context: A case study of Vietnam National University, HanoiHai, Pham Thi Thanh; Hoai, Tran Thi; Oanh, Nguyen Kieu
2019A geographical simulation of impacts of Vientiane-Hanoi expresswayKeola, Souknilanh; Kumagai, Satoru
2019Effects of multi-dike protection systems on surface water quality in the Vietnamese Mekong DeltaMinh, Huynh Vuong Thu; Ty, Tran Van; Dat, Tran Quoc; Others
2019Usability and challenges of offshore wind energy in Vietnam revealed by the regional climate model simulationQ., Doan Van; Van, Nguyen Dinh; Kusaka, Hiroyuki; Cong, Thanh; Others
2019Mobile pastoralism and protected areas: conflict, collaboration and connectivityYılmaz, Engin; Zogib, Liza; Urivelarrea, Pablo; Çağlayan, Semiha Demirbaş
2019Biomass energy: An overview of biomass sources, energy potential, and management in Southeast Asian countriesTun, Maw Maw; Juchelkova, Dagmar; Win, Myo Min; Thu, Aung Myat; Puchor, Tomáš
2019Air pollution monitoring network using low-cost sensors,a case study in Hanoi, VietnamT, Nguyen T N; V, Ha D; N, Do T N; H, Nguyen V; Others
2013Exploring Perceptions and Factors Relating to the Participation in Adult Education of Poor Women in An Giang Province, VietnamYến, Lê Hải