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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Agricultural and food systems in the Mekong region: Drivers of transformation and pathways of change [version 1; peer review: 1 approved]Friend, Richard M.; Thankappan, Samarthia; Doherty, Bob; Aung, Nay; Others
2019Patient experiences of primary care quality amongst different types of health care facilities in central VietnamHoa, Nguyen Thi; Tam, Nguyen Minh; Derese, Anselme; Others
2019Soil erosion and overland flow from Acacia plantation forest in headwater catchment of VietnamDung, B X; Trang, P Q; Linh, N T M; Hoa, D T; Gomi, T
2019Projection of fossil fuel demands in Vietnam to 2050 and climate change implicationsMinh, Tran Quang
2010Phật giáo Hòa Hảo trong đời sống văn hóa tinh thần của người dân An Giang hiện nayThư, Đỗ Anh
2006Introduction de L'interculturel dans L'enseignement/ Apprentissage du Francais langue vivante 2 a L'universite de An GiangLâm, Lê Minh Tuấn
2007Nhận dạng thống kê bằng hàm phân biệtĐiền, Dương Phú
2019Báo cáo nghiên cứu: Tự do hóa trong lĩnh vực dịch vụ của Việt NamTrung tâm WTO và Hội nhập; VCCI
2019Roles and effects of transformative social learning toward sustainable livelihood transformation to climate change adaptation in the Vietnam Mekong Delta: The VACB model case study in Can Tho.Phuong, Le Thi Hong; Phuc, Nguyen Thi Ngoc; Tuan, Tran Duc
2018Promising practice: government schools in VietnamMcAleavy, Tony; Ha, Tran Thai; Fitzpatrick, Rachael