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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015Connections and the allocation of public benefitsNewman, Carol; Zhang, Mengyang
Mar-2015Health of men, women, and children in post-trafficking services in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam: an observational cross-sectional studyKiss, Ligia; Pocock, Nicola S; Naisanguansri, Varaporn; Suos, Soksreymom; Dickson, Brett; Thuy, Doan; Koehler, Jobst; Sirisup, Kittiphan; Pongrungsee, Nisakorn; Van Anh, Nguyen Van; Borland, Rosilyne; Dhavan, Poonam; Zimmerman, Cathy
Mar-2015Systematic Review on Irrational Use of Medicines in China and VietnamMao, Wenhui; Huyen, Vu; Xie, Zening; Chen, Wen; Tang, Shenglan
2015A Prospective Multi-Center Observational Study of Children Hospitalized with Diarrhea in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.Thompson, Corinne N.; Tra, Phan My Vu; Hoang, Nguyen Van Minh; Minh, Pham Van; Vinh, Nguyen Thanh; Etc...
Apr-2014Employment, Earnings and Social Protection for Female Workers in Vietnam's Informal SectorDuy Loi, Nguyen; Giang, Nguyen Binh; Ha, Tran Thi; Le, Le Thi Minh; Ngan, Nguyen Dinh
Mar-2015The Role of Microinsurance in Social Protection: A Country Study of VietnamRamm, Gaby; Ankolekar, Mayur
2014Free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam: Difficult partnershipBrauer, Rabea; Tuan, Vu Dang; Frey, Natalie
Jul-2011Realizing Forest Rights in Vietnam: Addressing Issues in Community Forest Management.Sikor, Thomas; Tan, Nguyen Quang
Feb-2015Host-site institutions, Regional Production Linkages and Technological Upgrading: A study of Automotive Firms in Viet NamChuc, Nguyen Dinh; Anh, Nguyen Ngoc; Trang, Nguyen Ha; Minh, Nguyen Ngoc
Apr-2015Association between Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures and Firm Value – Empirical Evidence from VietnamBich, Nguyen Thi Ngoc; Hai, Tran Thi Thanh; Oanh, Le Hoang; Phuoc, Nguyen Thi; Hiep, Trinh Thien; Viet, Le