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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Towards 'good enough' climate and disaster risk governance: Emerging lessons from Zambia, Nepal, Viet Nam and Uganda.Christoplos, Ian; Aben, Charles; Bashaasha, Bernard; Dhungana, Hari; Friis-Hansen, Esbern; Mikkel Funder; Huong, Nguyen Thi Thanh; Khatri, Dil Bahadur; Lindegaard, Lily; Mweemba, Carol; Le Duc Ngoan; Nyambe, Imasiku; Adam Pain; Sen, Le Thi Hoa
15-Mar-2012Impact of global climate change and desertification on the environment and society in Southern centre of Vietnam (a case study in Binh Thuan province). Climate today and tomorrow: state of play and perception.Ozer, Pierre
Mar-2015Downscaling REDD Policies in Developing Countries: Assessing the Impact of Carbon Payments on Household Decision Making and Vulnerability to Climate Change in VietnamTuyen, Nghiem Phuong; Hue, Le; Huong, Vu; Elwee, Pam Mc
Mar-2015Product Carbon Footprints and Their Uncertainties in Comparative Decision ContextsHenriksson, Patrik J. G.; Heijungs, Reinout; Dao, Hai M.; Phan, Lam T.; Snoo, Geert R. de; Guinée, JeroenB.
2012Application of marker assisted backcrossing to introgress the submergence tolerance QTL SUB 1 into the Vietnam elite rice variety - AS996Cuc, Luu M; Huyen, Luu T N; Hien, Pham T M; Hang, Vu T T; Dam, Nguyen Quang; Mui, Pham Thi; Quang, Vu D; Ismail, Abdelbagi M.; Ham, Le H.
2012Oxfam America: learning from the system of rice intensification in northern Vietnam ?Castillo, Gina E; Le, Le Minh; Pfeifer, Kimberly
Aug-2012Examine the agriculture, poverty, and climate change nexus in VietnamYu, Bingxin; Zhu, Tingju; Breisinger, Clemens; Hai, Nguyen Manh
Sep-2012Hydrologic response to climate change: a case study for the be river catchment, VietnamSuetsugi, Tadashi; Khoi, Dao Nguyen
Jun-2012Integrated water resources management in Vietnam under the challenges of climate changeGiang, Pham Quy; Toshiki, Kosuke; Kunikane, Shoichi; Sakata, Masahiro
Dec-2010Taking a climate chance: A procedural critique of Vietnam's climate change strategyFortier, François