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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2010Total quality management (TQM) strategy and organisational characteristics: Evidence from a recent WTO memberHoang, Dinh Thai; Igel, Barbara; Laosirihongthong, Tritos
25-Feb-2010Addressing the cervical cancer burden in developingcountries: Vietnam as a case studyChi, Nguyen Lan
2010Dynamics of livelihoods and resource use strategiesin different ecosystems of the coastal zones of Bac Lieu province, VietnamHoanh, Chu T.; W. Szuster, Brian; Suan-Pheng, Kam; D. Noble, Andrew; M. Ismail, Abdelbagi
2010Measuring Norms of Income Transfers: Trust Experiments and Survey Data from VietnamTanaka, Tomomi; Camerer, Colin; Nguyen, Quang
Jun-2010Potentially hazardous environmental factors for poisoning in rural Vietnam: a community-based surveyHung, Ha Tran; Höjer, Jonas; Du, Nguyen Thi
1-Apr-2010Vietnam Following in Chinas Footsteps: The Third Wave of Emerging Asian EconomiesChaponniere, JeanRaphael; Cling, JeanPierre; Zhou, Bin
2010Parasite egg contamination of hands in a suburban area of Hanoi, VietnamHoa, Nguyen Viet; Noda, Shinichi; Uga, Shoji; Fujimaki, Yasunori
Jan-2010Structural and Functional Aspects of Social Supportfor Mothers of Children with and without Cognitive Delays in VietnamPark, So-Youn; Glidden, Laraine M.; Shin, Jin Y.
2010Variations of Late Socialist Development: Integration and Marginalization in the Northern Uplands of Vietnam and LaosFriederichsen, Rupert; Neef, Andreas
2010Domestic management of foreign direct investments by Japanese manufacturers in VietnamRong, Jyue Fang; Chun, Wei Lu; Hua, Lin Tsai; Yung, Sheng Chang