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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014Social capital, network effects and savings in rural VietnamNewman, Carol; Tarp, Finn; Broeck, Katleen Van Den
Nov-2014Household entrepreneurship and social networks: panel data evidence from VietnamChi, Nguyen Huu; Nordman, Christophe Jalil
10-Sep-2014The Urban-Rural Gap in Governance: Evidence from VietnamAlfaro Jairo, Acuna; Cuong, Nguyen; Anh, Tran; Tung, Phung
2014The impact of heterogeneous bilateral investment treaties (BIT) on foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows to VietnamHoa Thi Viet Nguyen, Nguyen Thi Viet; Vinh, Cao Thi Hong; Trang, Lu Thi Thu
16-Oct-2014From conservation and development to climate change: anthropological engagements with REDD+ in VietnamMcElwee, Pamela D.
12-May-2014Childhood Tuberculosis in Northern Viet Nam: A Review of 103 CasesBlount, Robert J.; Bao, Tran; Jarlsberg, Leah G.; Ha, Phan; Hoang, Van Thanh; Nhung, Nguyen Viet; Lewinsohn, Deborah A.; Nahid, Payam
Nov-2014Wastewater Management in Industrial Zones of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta: A Socio-spatial Analysis of Environmental Management in a Transition EconomyTan, Siwei
May-2014Energy efficiency appliance labelling in Vietnam: summary of findings.Department of Industry Innovation and Science.
Jan-2014Climate change impact and adaptation study for the Lower Mekong Basin: summary report.Hartman, Paul; Gustafson, Shelley; Carlucci, Kevin
Aug-2014Use scenario and user narratives: Vietnam climate impacts decision support tool.Engility Corporation and Cascadia Consulting