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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Conducting on-farm animal research: procedures & economic analysisAmir, P. and Hendrik, C.P.
1991Micropropagation Technology and Application. Kluwer Academic Pulishers, Dordrecht, pp. 1-13.Debergh PC, and Read PE
1992From idea to funded project - Grant proposals that workBelcher, J.C. and J.M. Jacobsen
1992Crustacean Farming.John F. Wickins, Daniel O'C. Lee
1993Plant propogation by tissue culture.George.E.E .
1994Plant - Environment InteractionsWilkinson R.E. (Ed.)
1995Molecular methods for virus detectionWiedbrauk D. L., Farkas D. H.
1997Commercial Poultry NutritionLeeson, S. & J.D.Summer
1997Lewin B . Gene VIRubino, R., Sepe, L., Dimitriadou, A. & Gibon, A.
1998Standard for Software MaintenanceIEEE
1998Flavor of meat, meat products and seafoods, second editionF. Shahidi
1998Handbook of Environmental Risk Assessment and ManagenmentCalow, P
2000The distribution of foreign direct investment in Vietnam: an analysis of its determinants.Andréosso-O’Callaghan, Bernadette; Joyce, John
2000Color atlas of veterinary histologyBacha W. J. & Bacha L. M.
2000Case study Research Methods.Bill Gillham
2000Enzymes; a practical introdution to structure mechanism and data analysis, 2nd ed.Copeland, R.A.
2001Lập Thang Điểm Môn Điền Kinh Ở Trường Đại Học An Giang.Hùng, Trần Ngọc
2001Sinh Hoạt Sao Nhi Đồng Trong Trường Tiểu Học Ở An GiangBi, Thái Thị
2001Color atlas of genetics - 2nd ed. Institute of Human GeneticsPassarge, E.
2002Địa lý các khu vực và một số quốc gia của Châu Âu - Châu PhiÁnh, Phan Ngọc