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Nhan đề: Farming efficiency, cropland rental market and welfare effect: Evidence from panel data for rural Central Vietnam.
Tác giả: Thanh, Nguyen Trung
Tuan, Tran Viet
Tung, Nguyen Thanh
Grote, Ulrike
Từ khoá: Farming efficiency
Cropland rental market
Stochastic frontier analysis
Heteroscedasticity-based identification strategy
Quantile regression
Năm xuất bản: 2019
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Paper prepared for presentation at the 165. EAAE Seminar ‘Agricultural Land Markets – Recent Developments, Efficiency and Regulation’;pp. 1 - 40
Tóm tắt: Using panel data of more than 1,000 rural households from three rural provinces in Vietnam, we find that farming efficiency is a driver of cropland rental market development that enhances land use efficiency and results in an overall income gain for market participants. Our findings highlight the importance of cropland rental markets in facilitating economic transformation in rural areas of rapidly growing economies, but also indicate the need to take care of the poor to ensure that they are not left behind.
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