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dc.contributor.authorC, Nguyen-
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dc.contributor.authorGardiner, F-
dc.description.abstractEach year thousands of ethnic minority people in Vietnam – China border areas illegally cross from Vietnam into China to involve themselves in non-contract manual labour jobs. The research was conducted in the Lung Khau Nhin commune, Muong Khuong district, Lao Cai province with 100 direct questionnaire and 10 in-depth interviews with migrants and local officials. All interviews were translated into local ethnic minority languages. The following explains unique experiences of both males and females at all stages of the migration process as well as its impacts on gender relations. The research highlighted gender differences in their migration journeys. Based on the survey participants’ assessment, migration had both positive and negative gender impacts, in which men reported more positive experiences while women suffered from more negative effects at community, family and personal levels. Additionally, research participants stated increased family incomes. Mobility and social network were also improved. On the contrary, migration also created adverse impacts on gender relations in family and in the community as a
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEarth and Environmental Science 266;pp. 1 - 11-
dc.subjectEthnic minorityvi
dc.subjectBorder areasvi
dc.titleMigration journeys: The experiences of ethnic minority men and women in Vietnam – China border
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