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dc.contributor.authorSmall, Ivan V.-
dc.description.abstractInternational remittances to Vietnam – including family, charitable, investment and gray matter knowledge flows – are significant, growing, and primarily oriented by Vietnam’s post-1975 war history of exodus and refugee migration to the United States and other western countries. --- Politburo Resolution 36 of 2004 symbolically reoriented the Vietnamese state’s relationship with its diaspora. This has been followed by more specific measures to encourage overseas Vietnamese financial and bodily returns, with mixed success. --- New financial technologies and regulations are reshaping Vietnam’s remittance landscape as traditional banks and money transfer operators scramble to offer competitive, affordable, transparent and innovative transfer services to gain market share, often at the expense of longstanding ethnic remittance providers. --- Consumption patterns by remittance recipients range from productive to conspicuous, and are influenced by a general awareness of the significance of mobility to socially transformative desires, strategies and futures, including aspirations for overseas
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPerspective (ISEAS);No. 56, pp. 1 - 7-
dc.titleRemitting desire: Trans-pacific migration, returns and imaginaries in
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