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dc.contributor.authorWang, Qian-
dc.description.abstractThe Sino-Vietnamese border formally took shape during the Song Dynasty, but the origin of the border crossing phenomenon between the two countries is somewhat harder to verify. Despite the demarcation of a political border, the denizens of the border areas retain a common language and ethnicity. Those moving between the two countries have played a role in promoting exchanges and communication across the border. For historical and practical reasons these people continue to move between Guangxi and Vietnam today. Cross border marriage is common and alongside migrant workers and farmers crossing to sell their produce, constitutes the main reason for border crossing between Guangxi and Vietnam. This paper, through field research on the border area, tries to realistically present cross-border scenarios in the region and analyze the purpose and characteristics of current cross-border group behavior. Current cross-border movement is characterized by the uni-directional and local nature of the crossings, and the ease of communication between this population. In fact, although cross-border groups are driven by economic interests, the vast majority of migrants have not derived significant economic benefits from their migration. This issue is particularly evident in cross-border marriage and family relations. The livelihood of Vietnamese women married to men from villages near the border in Guangxi generally does not significantly improve after marriage. Vietnamese brides are ineligible for Chinese social security because their marriages have not taken place through legal channels. Meanwhile, many Vietnamese women have already lived in China for a considerable period of time, leading the Vietnamese government to revoke their citizenship, which results in a lack of clarity over their
dc.relation.ispartofseriesAdvances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research (ASSEHR);Vol. 336, pp. 1 - 4-
dc.subjectGuangxi-Vietnam bordervi
dc.subjectCrossborder marriagevi
dc.subjectVietnamese womenvi
dc.titleA study of Vietnamese cross-border migration into Guangxi Province,
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