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Nhan đề: Renovating the view of cost sharing for the underground low voltage cable projects in Hanoi
Tác giả: Ha, Pham Thi Thu
Huong, Phan Dieu
Từ khoá: Underground low voltage cables
Approaching from both sides
Cost sharing
Hoan Kiem District
Năm xuất bản: 2019
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: VNU Journal of Science: Economics and Business;Vol. 35, No. 5E, pp. 42-50
Tóm tắt: Underground power grid projects in Hanoi is so urgent that it requires immediate implementation. To synchronously and quickly implement the underground power grid projects, people in charge should not follow the outdated perspectives of just including the power industry, but also need to call for the support and cost sharing responsibility from consumers. This paper aims at approaching the subject both from the producers and consumers’ perspectives to together sharing the cost of putting the power grid underground not only in Hanoi but other metropolitans in Vietnam as well. Field studies (including 104 families) at Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi and CBA method were applied to investigate the willingness to pay (WTP) level of consumers to share the cost with the power industry for the underground power grid projects in Hanoi. The overview of the results shows that cost for the underground power grid in Hoan Kiem District ranging from 30,000 VND/household/month to 46,000VND/household/month. On the other hand, the willingness to pay of a typical household of four people within Hoan Kiem District ranges from 17,000VND/month to 24,000VND/month, with the most favorable method of annual payment within a detailed timeline.
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