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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2015Quality of Antimicrobial Products Used inStriped Catfish (Pangasianodonhypophthalmus) Aquaculture in VietnamPhu, Tran Minh; Phuong, Nguyen Thanh; Scippo, Marie Louise; Dalsgaard, Anders
2015The role of rice fields, fish ponds and water canals for transmission of fish-borne zoonotic trematodes in aquaculture ponds in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam.Madsen, Henry; Viet, Nguyen Khue; Dung, Bui Thi; Dalsgaard, Anders; The, Dang Tat
Nov-2015Spiny lobster aquaculture development in Indonesia, Vietnam and AustraliaJones, Clive M.; Huong, Le Lan; Tuan, Le Anh; Bahrawi, Samsul; Irvin, Simon
Mar-2016Food quality awareness: cases from shrimp producers in Thailand and vegetable producers in Vietnam.Suzuki, Aya; Nam, Vu Hoang
1-Dec-2016Aquaculture land-use policy: The case of clam farming in Thai binh Province, Vietnam.Hang, Ngo Thi Thu; Cuong, Tran Huu; Azadi, Hossein; LEBAILLY, Philippe
-Transformations of Vietnamese Shrimp Aquaculture Policy: Empirical Evidence from the Mekong DeltaHa, Tran Thi Thu; Simon, R.Bush
Mar-2017Better management practices and their outcomes in shrimp farming : evidence from small-scale shrimp farmers in Southern VietnamSuzuki, Aya; Nam, Vu Hoang
-Diversity of resource use and property rights in Tam Giang Lagoon, VietnamHuong, Ta Thi Thanh; Fikret, Berkes
-Conditions for collective action : understanding factors supporting and constraining community-based fish culture in Bangladesh, Cambodia and VietnamJoffre, Olivier; Sheriff, Natasja
29-Jun-2016The Factors Affecting Chemical Use in Aquaculture in the Central Coast Region of VietnamH, Bui D; H, Bui D.P; T, Pham Q