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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Comparison among Chemical, GAP and Organic method for tea cultivation in VietnamPhong, Nguyen Huu; Pongnak, Wattanachai; Soytong, Kasem; Quyet, Nguyen The; Thu, Dang Van; Others
2016Increasing Resilience to Droughts in Viet Nam: The Role of Forests, Agroforestry, and Climate Smart Agriculture: Position paper.G, Grosjean; F., Monteils; S, Hamilton; Others
15-Mar-2017Unpacking Changes in Mangrove Social-Ecological Systems: Lessons from Brazil, Zanzibar, and Vietnam.Quinn, Claire H.; Stringer, Lindsay C.; Berman, Rachel J.; Le, Hue T.V.; Others
2016Developing a methodology for standardized fish monitoring in the Mekong BasinBOON, Laura; ELLIOTT, Vittoria; Sophany, PHAUK; Others
2016Seven Steps in Identifying Local Climate Change Responses for Agriculture in Vietnam.Bosma, R. H.; An, Ngo T.; Huynh, Chuong V.; Huong, Le T.; Others
Jul-2017Estimation of methane emissions from local and crossbreed beef cattle in Dak Lak province of Vietnam.Dung, Van Tien; Ngoan, Le Duc; Herrero, Mario; Others
2016A Decision Tree Analysis to Support Potential Climate Change Adaptations of Striped Catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus Sauvage) Farming in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.A., Nguyen L.; Verreth, J. A. J.; Leemans, H. B. J.; Others
4-Jul-2017Assessment of forest degradation in Vietnam using landsat time series dataVogelmann, James E.; Khoa, Phung Van; Lan, Do Xuan; Others
2017Sustainable rice cultivation in the deep flooded zones of the Vietnamese Mekong deltaChapman, Alexander; Darby, Stephen; Tompkins, Emma; Hackney, Christopher; Leyland, Julian; Others
Dec-2017Điểm lại: Cập nhật tình hình phát triển kinh tế Việt Nam -- Chuyên đề đặc biệt: Cải thiện hiệu suất và công bằng trong chi tiêu công.Tuan, Dinh Viet; Eckardt, Sebastian; Quyen, Vu Hoang; Others