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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2012Impact of third-party enforcement of contracts in agricultural markets – a field experiment in VietnamSaenger, Christoph; Torero, Maximo; Qaim, Matin
18-Aug-2012Facilitating access to rural services in Vietnam: the invisible social capital linkDufhues, Thomas; Buchenrieder, Gertrud; Quoc, Hoang Dinh
Oct-2012Pro-Poor Growth, Poverty and Inequality in Rural VietnamKang, Woojin; Imai, Katsushi S.
2012Constraints to market participation in agriculture in VietnamCazzuffi, Chiara; McKay, Andy; Khai, Luu Duc; Long, Nguyen The; Thuy, Do Minh
2010Does Agriculture Help Poverty and Inequality Reduction? Evidence from VietnamCuong, Nguyen Viet
2012Social capital and savings behavior: the impact of group membership on household formal savings in rural VietnamNewman, Carol; Tarp, Finn; Khai, Luu Duc
2012Opportunity entrepreneurs - potential drivers of non-farm growth in rural Vietnam?Brunjes, Jurgen; Diez, Javier Revilla
20-Aug-2012Accounting for farmers’ risk preferences in investigating land allocation decisions in marginal environments: a test of various elicitation measures in an application from VietnamKeil, Alwin; Nielsen, Thea
Aug-2012Examine the agriculture, poverty, and climate change nexus in VietnamYu, Bingxin; Zhu, Tingju; Breisinger, Clemens; Hai, Nguyen Manh
17-Jun-2012Assessing decentralised policy implementation in Vietnam: The case of land recovery and resettlement in the Vung Ang economic zoneWit, Joop de; Sang, Luong Viet; Chien, Le Van; Hien, Luong Thu; Hung, Ha Viet; Tuyet, Dang Thi Anh; Bau, Dao Ngoc; Hoa, Quang; Tam, Mai Thi Thanh