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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2017Khảo sát hàm lượng các hợp chất peflo hóa (PFCs) trong máu của một số loại cá tại khu vực Hà Nội.Quang, Phan Đình; Ngọc, Nguyễn Thúy; Vĩ, Phùng Thị; Nga, Nguyễn Thị Thu; Thùy, Nguyễn Thị Kim; Anh, Dương Hồng; Việt, Phạm Hùng; Tuyến, Lê Hữu
2017Solid Waste Management in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Moving towards a Circular Economy?Schneider, Petra; Anh, Le Hung; Wagner, Jörg; Reichenbach, Jan; Hebner, Anja
Mar-2017Water metagenomic analysis reveals low bacterial diversity and the presence of antimicrobial residues and resistance genes in a river containing wastewater from backyard aquacultures in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.Nakayama, Tatsuya; Hoa, Tran Thi Tuyet; Harada, Kazuo; Warisaya, Minae; Asayama, Megumi; Hinenoya, Atsushi; Lee, Joon Won; Phuong, Nguyen Thanh; Phu, Tran Minh
Mar-2017Flood vulnerability among rural households in the Red River Delta of Vietnam: implications for future climate change risk and adaptation.McElwee, Pamela; Tuyen, Nghiem; Hue, Le; Huong, Vu
6-Jan-2017Understanding the drivers of Southeast Asian biodiversity loss.Hughes, Alice C.
2-Apr-2017Emission intensive growth and trade in the era of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) integration: An empirical investigation from ASEAN-8Ahmed, Khalid; Bhattacharya, Mita; Shaikh, Zahid; Ramzan, Muhammad; Ozturk, Ilhan
1-Apr-2017Evaluating the design of behaviour change interventions: A case study of rhino horn in VietnamOlmedo, Alegría; Sharif, Vian; Gulland, E.J. Milner
2017Comparing the Economic Structure and Carbon Dioxide Emission between China and VietnamTrinh, Bui; Hoa, Pham Le
3-Jan-2017Historic drought and salinity intrusion in the Mekong Delta in 2016: Lessons learned and response solutionsAnh, Nguyen Ngoc
23-May-2017Surface water monitoring within Cambodia and the Vietnamese Mekong delta over a year, with Sentinel-1 SAR observationsBinh, Pham Duc; Prigent, Catherine; Aires, Filipe