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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Adaptation to sea level rise: A multidisciplinary analysis for Ho Chi Minh city, VietnamScussolin, Paolo; Van, Tran Thi Thu; Koks, Elco; Others
2018Farmers’ own assessment of climate smart agriculture: Insights from Ma village in Vietnam.Vernooy, Ronnie; Hoan, Le Kai; Cuong, Nguyen Tuan; Vinh, Bui Le
2-Mar-2018Does taxation stifle corporate investment? firm-level evidence from asean countries.Cevik, Serhan; Miryugin, Fedor
2018Assessment of tangible direct flood damage using a spatial analysis approach under the effects of climate change: case study in an urban watershed in hanoi, vietnam.Kefi, Mohamed; Mishra, Binaya Kumar; Kumar, Pankaj; Masago, Yoshifumi; Fukushi, Kensuke
Apr-2018Structural analysis of the interrelationship between economic activities and water pollution in Vietnam in the period of 2000–2011.Hoa, Nguyen Thi; Aviso, Kathleen B.; Kojima, Naoya; Tokai, Akihiro
Jan-2018Analysis of recycling structures for e-waste in VietnamChung, Tran Duc; Salhofer, Stefan Petrus
25-Feb-2018Paraquat in surface water of some streams in mai chau province, the northern vietnam: concentrations, profiles, and human risk assessments.Hue, Nguyen Thi; Mai, Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai; Nam, Hoàng; Tung, Nguyen Hoang
Jan-2018Development of nutrient cycle through agricultural activities of a rural area in the North of VietnamNga, Do Thu; Thao, Ta Thi; Tu, Vu Van; Hung, Nguyen Viet; Phuc, Pham Duc
16-Mar-2018Assessing impacts of dike construction on the flood dynamics of the Mekong DeltaDung, Tran Duc; Halsema, Gerardo van; Hellegers, Petra J. G. J.; Long, Hoang Phi; Tho, Tran Quang; Kummu, Matti; Ludwig, Fulco
2018The role of sedimentation and natural compaction in a prograding delta: insights from the mega Mekong delta, Vietnam.Zoccarato, Claudia; Minderhoud, Philip S. J.; Teatini., Pietro