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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Mining and Environment in VietnamBroemme, Katrin; Stolpe, Harro
-Implementing integrated river basin management in the Red River Basin, Vietnam: a solution looking fora problem?Molle, François; Hoanh, Chu Thai
-Evaluating the Pilot Implementation of Payment for Forest Environmental Services in Lam Dong, VietnamLy, Nguyen Thi Y
2010Aquatic resources and environmental variability in Bac Lieu province (Southern Vietnam)Hoanh, Chu T.; Szuster, Brian W.; Pheng, Kam Suan; Noble, Andrew D.; Ismail, Abdelbagi M.
Mar-2012Role of supply chains in Aaopting product related environmental regulations: case studies of VietnamMichida, Etsuyo; Nabeshima, Kaoru
Mar-2015Product Carbon Footprints and Their Uncertainties in Comparative Decision ContextsHenriksson, Patrik J. G.; Heijungs, Reinout; Dao, Hai M.; Phan, Lam T.; Snoo, Geert R. de; Guinée, JeroenB.
Mar-2014Payment for Environmental Services in Southeast Asia: A Regional Review of Policy ImplementationLy, Nguyen Thi Y; Nam, Pham Thanh
2012A review of two payment schemes for watershed services from China and Vietnam: the interface of government control and PES theoryKolinjivadi, Vijay K; Sunderland, Terry
-Land governance of suburban areas of Vietnam: Dynamics and contestations of planning, housing and the environment.Wit, Joop de
2017Improve the sense of ecological environment protection in the process of reconstruction rural Area in Vietnam: experience from China.Thong, Pham Huy; Zhao, Shu Yuan; Thuong, Nguyen Thi; Trung, Pham Thanh