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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2017Khảo sát hàm lượng các hợp chất peflo hóa (PFCs) trong máu của một số loại cá tại khu vực Hà Nội.Quang, Phan Đình; Ngọc, Nguyễn Thúy; Vĩ, Phùng Thị; Nga, Nguyễn Thị Thu; Thùy, Nguyễn Thị Kim; Anh, Dương Hồng; Việt, Phạm Hùng; Tuyến, Lê Hữu
Mar-2017Flood vulnerability among rural households in the Red River Delta of Vietnam: implications for future climate change risk and adaptation.McElwee, Pamela; Tuyen, Nghiem; Hue, Le; Huong, Vu
2017Comparing the Economic Structure and Carbon Dioxide Emission between China and VietnamTrinh, Bui; Hoa, Pham Le
Jan-2017Social preferences behind public-good provision: Evidence from household recycling in VietnamYokoo, Hide-Fumi; Kawai, Kosuke; Higuchi, Yuki
2017Barriers and opportunities for the Involvement of Indigenous knowledge in water resources management in the Gam river Basin in North-East VietnamHieu, Nguyen Thi; Ross, Anne
2017The allure of the illegal: choice modelling of rhino horn demand in VietnamHanley, Nick; Sheremet, Oleg; Bozzola, Martina; MacMillan, Douglas C.
Jul-2017Climate change in Vietnam: relations between the government and the media in the period 2000-2013Nash, Chris; Duong, Pham Binh
2017Factors influencing the management effectiveness of the biosphere reserve model: The case of VietnamCuong, Chu Van
21-Nov-2017Design and implementation of site-specific rainfall-induced landslide early warning and monitoring system: a case study at Nam Dan landslide (Vietnam)Anh, Gian Quoc; Duc, Tran Tan; Chinh, Nguyen Dinh; Others
2017Some results of study on present situation of household solid waste in Hanoi, Vietnam.Kawai, Kosuke; Matsui, Saburo; Yen, To Thi Hai; Others