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Nhan đề: Beginning ASP.NET Databases using VB.NET
Tác giả: John Kauffman
Fabio Claudio
Brian Matsik
Eric N. Mintz
Từ khoá: phần mềm
phan mem
lập trình ASP.NET
lap trinh ASP.NET
ngôn ngữ ASP.NET
ngon ngu ASP.NET
lập trình VB.NET
lap trinh VB.NET
ngon ngu VB.NET
ngon ngu VB.NET
Năm xuất bản: 2002
Tóm tắt: For a web site to offer its users an experience that improves on that of newspapers or textbooks, it needs a way to change the information it contains dynamically - and that means it needs access to a data source. Through the combination of ASP.NET and ADO.NET, Microsoft provides everything necessary to access, read from, and write to a database, and then allow web users to view and manipulate that data from a web browser. In this book, we'll show you how it's done. What does this book cover? Packed with clear explanations and hands-on examples, Beginning ASP.NET Databases contains everything you'll need on your journey to becoming a confident, successful programmer of data-driven web sites. In particular, we'll look at:
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