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Nhan đề: The learning route "Strengthening Farmers Organizations, Developing Sustainable Business Models and Public Private Partnership in Agriculture”
Tác giả: The International Fund for Agricultural Developemnt (IFAD) in Vietnam
Từ khoá: Agriculture
Farmers Organizations
Việt Nam
Ha Tinh
Quang Binh
Tóm tắt: The Learning Route (LR) “Strengthening Farmers Organizations, Developing Sustainable Business Models and Public Private Partnership in Agriculture” addresses the innovative experiences in the Decentralized Programme for Rural Poverty Reduction in Quang Binh(DPRPR) and the Improving Market Participation of the Poor in Ha Tinh (IMPP), in the frame of IFAD interventions in Vietnam. -- The design of the Initiativefollowed a participatory planning process that started in November 2011 with the first PROCASUR mission to Vietnam. This mission consisted in visits to a selected number of DPRP and IMPP beneficiaries and partner’s experiences, and recurrent coordination meetings with the project directives team and IFAD Country Office. In March2012, under the invitation of IFAD Vietnam, PROCASUR’s second mission consisted in participating in the Grant Coordination Workshop and in facilitating the firsttraining workshop to KMO of 11 ongoing projects supported by IFAD in Vietnam. This training was organized jointly with IPSARD. -- IFAD-Vietnam identified two critical areas aligned with its knowledge management strategy were DPRPR and IMPP could contribute with valuable lessons to national and international rural development practitioners. Moreover, it was agreed to include projects KMOs and IPSARD in the preparation, implementation and follow up as an exit strategy with the purpose of supporting the best practices and innovations with local capacities and the assistance of PROCASUR. --In May and June 2013 PROCASUR, in close coordiantion with IFAD Vietnam, brought together a PROCASUR team together with 7 project staffs of IMPP Ha Tinh and DPRPR. This is the first Learning Route organized in Vietnam hosted by two projects: DPRPR and IMPP. During the past few months, PROCASUR worked to identify the best cases to prepare and present them to the LR participants. The participants were able to visit3 cooperatives using 3 different models: these cases have proven to be very successful in improving livelihoods of poor rural people, being the result of the engagement of communities’ people and of the collective effort made through Public and Private Partnership (PPP) to reduce rural poverty. The models are inclusive and innovative and lessons learned from their development can be used to improve the condition of other communities in similar situations. In this framework, a capacity building and training was organized in Ha Tinh and Quang Binh provinces in May 2013 in order to identify and systematize good practices and innovations from successful experiences supported by IMPP and DPRPR...
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