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Nhan đề: Transformations of Vietnamese Shrimp Aquaculture Policy: Empirical Evidence from the Mekong Delta
Tác giả: Ha, Tran Thi Thu
Simon, R.Bush
Từ khoá: Aquaculture
Aquaculture Policy
tropical shrimp production
Mekong Delta
Việt Nam
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Environment and PlanningC: Government and Policy, December 2010;Volume 28, Issue 6, Page 1101-1119
Tóm tắt: International environmental and social concerns about tropical shrimp production have led to the emergence of private transnational governance and regulation. Using cases from Ca Mau we investigate how the shift to private transnational regulatory networks has changed the role of the government from a regulator to a facilitator of global private governance interests and arrangements. The rise of these various schemes has also been part of a shift from quantitative to qualitative policy goals within the Vietnamese aquaculture sector. In turn, this has led to new internal relationships, most notably the repositioning of private interests and community-based management within the Vietnamese state framework. We conclude that the ongoing transformation of the government’s role in environmental shrimp governance requires mechanisms that foster improved participation and compliance between the state and private actors. To achieve this efforts are needed to better include local government at both communal and village levels and to use existing global market incentives more strategically.
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