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Nhan đề: Efficient nutrient use in rice production in Vietnam achieved using inoculant biofertilisers, October 2011
Tác giả: Kennedy, Ivan R.
Hien, Nguyen Thanh
Cong, Phan Thi
Be, Tran Thanh
Nhan, Dang Kieu
Marsh, Sally
Rose, Michael
Deaker, Rosalind
Từ khoá: Nutrient
Rice production
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Research Program Manager for Soil Management and Crop Nutrition, ACIAR;FR2011-28
Tóm tắt: The principal objectives of the ACIAR project SMCN/2002/073 ‘Efficient nutrient use in rice production in Vietnam achieved using inoculant biofertilisers’ were to: conduct field trials in Vietnam and Australia designed to optimise, extend and promote biofertiliser; technology on rice farms for increased profit, and to extend this technology to the south of Vietnam; design and evaluate a set of simple field tests for quality control of biofertiliser products aimed at ensuring; their effectiveness under typical paddy rice field conditions; investigate the economic and commercial feasibility of inoculant biofertiliser production in Vietnam. It will become obvious from examining these proceedings that these objectives have been largely achieved. The many well-executed field experiments conducted in Vietnam and their results show that agronomic research with inoculant biofertilisers is now well established and further improvement of this agricultural technology is highly feasible. The two invited contributions in this volume from Sri Lanka (Seneviratne et al. 2008) and Bangladesh (Sattar et al. 2008) strengthen our conclusion of the significant benefits that can be obtained from this technology. The scientific basis for application of inoculants such as BioGro for field cultivation of rice that allows more efficient utilisation of nitrogen (N) fertiliser now has a firm foundation.
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ISBN: 978 1 921962 19 6
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